CREE LED Tactical Flashlight vs Plastic

CREE LED tactical flashlight

If you need a reliable tactical flashlight then you need a CREE LED tactical flashlight. This is a flashlight unlike any other in that it provides incomparable light density, meaning it is brighter and more focused on the objects you are trying to illuminate than a traditional flashlight with a standard flashlight bulb. It is also built to withstand more shock and hardship than a traditional flashlight.

A tactical LED flashlight is designed to be a utility flashlight that endures the hardships expected of any tactical flashlight, while providing a more directed beam of light and illuminating dark corners and hidden objects better, while using less energy to get the job done. If you need a tactical flashlight that does the job it is intended to do, without the need to cradle it and keep it from harm, then this is the flashlight for you.

Aren’t All Flashlights The Same?

All flashlights are definitely not created equal. Those cheap plastic flashlights you buy at the discount store, no matter how big and bright they might seem, simply are not designed to take the abuse a CREE LED tactical flashlight has been engineered to endure. If you drop your plastic flashlight, the casing or the tiny incandescent light bulb inside it will likely break.

small tactical flashlight

If you are in a life or death situation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the toughness of your flashlight. And you definitely don’t want to lose your light, leaving you fumbling around in the dark, because you decided to spend a little less money at the discount store. The few dollars you save on a cheap-o plastic flashlight is hardly worth the costs you might suffer if it fails when you need it the most.

Why Do I Need A CREE LED Tactical Flashlight?

A traditional incandescent light bulb relies on a tiny piece of wire to produce light. It produces a minimum of light with a maximum of energy use. An LED bulb is an Light Emitting Diode – it is an actual electronic circuit designed to emit light, so there is no tiny piece of wire which can break at the slightest bump or drop. An LED also uses the minimum of energy and typically use a 18650 battery so you don’t need big, heavy batteries to produce bright light. The batteries you do use for an LED flashlight will last a whole lot longer than the ones powering a traditional incandescent light bulb. If you don’t believe that, try them side by side and see for yourself.

There is no question that an LED bulb uses less energy, lasts longer and is more rugged than a traditional incandescent bulb, but that is not the only difference between a CREE flashlight and a normal flashlight. The body itself is made of tougher stuff than those cheap-o plastic flashlights. It’s built tough with technology to be powered a lithium-ion 18650 battery to deliver bright light for extended periods of time. It might cost more than a traditional flashlight, but when you really need you will be glad you paid a little extra for a flashlight that does everything you need it to do and more.