Outdoor Tactical Gear Affiliate Program

Our tactical gear affiliate program allows others to promote our outdoor products such as LED flashlights, backpacks, EDC belts, gloves and more. Affiliates earn commissions on sales they refer to EcoGearFX.com. This includes website owners, bloggers, social media publishers, media sites, online forum operators, video publishers, influencers, in membership sites and many others.

tactical gear affiliate program

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Website Promotions

Perfect for website owners with users who may be interested in tactical flashlights and tactical gear. Place a few banners or text links and discover how it converts.

Email Marketing

Do you have an email list of potential buyers? Great results have come from emails lists in the outdoor, survivalist and security categories.

Membership Site

Do you have a membership site or a captive audience? Try testing the waters with a few banners or text links for tactical backpacks and flashlights.

How does the EcoGearFX.com Affiliate Program work?
Our prospective tactical gear affiliate go through a quick application process where our network partner and our affiliate team review your site to make sure that it’s suitable for an affiliate partnership. Once your affiliate application is approved, you will have access to an affiliate dashboard at ShareASale.com stocked with ready-to-use tracking links including banners, text links, and product ads that you can use to promote EcoGearFX.com. When a shopper clicks your affiliate link and makes a qualified purchase, you’ll earn a commission on the sale. ShareASale also provides easy access to reporting on traffic sent, sales generated and commissions earned.

How will I get paid?
ShareASale handles payment of affiliate commissions. They pay commissions monthly for sales referred in the previous month less any order modifications, cancellations or chargebacks. Payment can be made either by check or by direct deposit into your bank account.

Why partner with EcoGearFX.com?
EcoGearFX.com is the official online store of LED tactical flashlights, tactical gear, outdoor products and its accessories. We offer a variety of products including LED tactical flashlights, 18650 batteries, tactical backpacks and belts and outdoor products to meet most outdoor activities & home improvement needs. EcoGearFX.com is a trusted name with outstanding products and customer service giving you a great chance to earn commissions from our products.

How much money can I make as a EcoGearFX.com affiliate?
That is entirely up to you! We offer an assortment of products, but selling more expensive items like complete tactical flashlight kits can boost your earnings. Our commission rates vary depending on the affiliate type with standard payouts of 8% and up to 50% payouts with specific promotions. Your ability to earn will be based on how much traffic you can generate and the level of engagement and trust you have with your audience.