General FAQ’s

No. Battery exhaustion, battery leakage and flashlight damage are all specifically excluded from our warranty.

If your flashlight came with an AAA Battery Holder (see BATTERY HOLDER instructions), test with new batteries. If flashlight turns on, make sure lithium-ion batteries are fully charged (see CHARGER OPERATION). If they are exhausted, weak, or damaged, replace them with new EcoGear FX premium 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

If replacing the batteries does not solve the problem, check the tailcap. The metal surfaces contacting the barrel, tailcap and battery terminals should be shiny metal without obstruction between them. Any corrosion or dirt should be carefully removed.

We also recommend inspecting the tailcap, power button, and metal components inside the barrel for any damage.

The Following Applies to The BC-1 Battery Charger
Be sure to insert battery/batteries into the charger slots. One or two batteries may be charged at a time. The battery positive (+) end should be facing towards the LED indicator. Incorrectly inserting the batteries will prevent the batteries from being charged.

Plug the charger into a wall outlet and you should notice the LED power indicator illuminate which indicates charging. The 3 green power indicators should illuminate once the batteries are fully charged (typically 4-6 hours for a 3000mAh capacity battery). Never leave charging batteries unattended – you should ALWAYS be near the batteries while charging. DO NOT EXPOSE BATTERIES TO EXCESSIVE HEAT AS THEY CAN EXPLODE.

This typically happens when there is not good contact between the battery and the charging contact point. You may need to spin the batteries while they are on the charger and the lights will stabilize.

Charging Indicator Lights
– Turns green and progressively blinks green to indicate proper charging
– Turns solid green when charging is complete

If the green indication light does not come on after 8 hours of charging the batteries, then it is possible the charger is damaged. This may have happened during product shipping or the item was dropped. Submit a Support Ticket so we can help you resolve the issue and/or replace the item.