About EcoGear FX

EcoGear FX is the exclusive manufacturer, UPC registered owner and exclusive seller of our branded products. Our online retail store offers a variety of LED flashlights including tactical LED flashlights perfect for security, camping and outdoor activities. Our product line also include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, rapid battery chargers, tactical backpacks, EDC bags and other cool gear.

Since 2013, our goal has been to help reduce carbon emissions and cut down on waste to help reduce the resource impact on Earth. Our environmentally friendly energy-saving LED flashlights and accessories are ideal for tactical use, camping, security, professionals and for general home use.  Some of our customers include law enforcement, U.S Military, energy companies, aviation, government, investigation agencies, sportsmen, and the general public.

We want to play a part to help you and your family live in comfort, safety and save money. Let us light the way…

Our Eco-Friendly Approach: Tomorrow Starts Today

  • Packaging that can be Used as Storage Instead of Going into the Trash
  • Products Powered by LED Lighting to Reduce Power Consumption by 75%
  • Rechargeable Batteries as a Power Source Instead of Alkaline Batteries that End Up in Landfills
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries that can be Recharged up to 500 Times

Unsurpassed Customer Care

EcoGear FX not only offers fantastic products, but more importantly values customers. You and your family are important to us! Quality customer service is our focus and we appreciate you doing your shopping with EcoGear FX! If you have any questions or simply have some feedback, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced customer service representatives. You can also browse our online help topics and find answers online to your customer service questions. EcoGear FX is here for you!