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Police and Sheriff’s Explorer Scout Program

The Police and Sheriff’s Explorer Scout Program is a co-educational program for youth between the ages of 14 and 21 who are interested in a career in law enforcement.

Remove and Clean Battery Corrosion

How to Clean Battery Corrosion

Battery corrosion is a chemical reaction that occurs between the battery acid and the metal terminals of the battery. It can also occur on the battery cables and surrounding components. Battery corrosion typically…

exercise improves mental emotional health

Learn How Mental and Emotional Health Can Be Improved Through Exercise

Exercise can improve mental and emotional health in a number of ways. Hiking, backpacking, and trekking are all forms of outdoor exercise that can provide a variety of…

how to fix backpack zipper

Learn How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack

Occasionally zippers may get stuck, jammed or simply come off the slider. Before we get into how to fix a zipper on a backpack let’s quick review…

hiking outdoor bag

Learn How to Wash a Backpack

How to wash a backpack including durable nylon backpacks, This article has info on how to wash along with info on cleaning…

How to Wear a Fanny Pack In Style

Tips on How to Wear a Fanny Pack In Style

A fanny pack, also known as a waist bag, belt bag, moon bag, belly bag, or bumbag, is a small fabric pouch. It is worn like a belt around the…

backward American flag

What Does a Backward American Flag Mean and the History

The backwards American flag was originally worn by paratroopers, who needed a way to identify themselves to other American troops behind enemy lines.

How to Use Resistance Bands for Abs

A great way to add variety and intensity to your ab workouts. Target all of the major abdominal muscles, including your six-pack muscles and obliques.