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5 Reasons Why You Need an LED Flashlight

5 Reasons Why You Need an LED Flashlight If you are still using an outdated flashlight then you are missing out on the brightness and features packed into a bright LED flashlight. Discover the 5 reasons why you need an LED flashlight as there has been a great deal of progress made in flashlight technology. […]

CREE LED T6 tactical flashlight

CREE LED T6 Tactical Flashlight vs Plastic

The Right Flashlight At The Right Time If you need a reliable tactical flashlight then you need a CREE LED T6 tactical flashlight. This is a flashlight unlike any other in that it provides incomparable light density, meaning it is brighter and more focused on the objects you are trying to illuminate than a traditional […]

strobe flashlight for self defense

Consider A Strobe Flashlight For Self Defense

Why A Strobe Flashlight For Self Defense If you are outside at night, alone, you need a strobe flashlight for self defense. You might like to run, walk, or jog at night when the air is crisp and cool. After a hard day at work or just a stressful day at home with the kids, […]

high lumens LED flashlight

You Need A High Lumens LED Flashlight

When it comes to the brightest light available, there is no substitute for a high lumens LED flashlight. But you might have a few questions about the whole ‘lumens’ thing. What Is A Lumen And Why Should I Care? Much as we use cups, gallons or liters to measure how much of a liquid we […]