What is The Best 18650 Battery for a Flashlight?

18650 Battery for LED Flashlight

You may be all set to go out on your next outdoor adventure or camping trip but still need to gather a few more supplies before you depart. One important item you must bring and have along with you so you can see and stay safe is a flashlight.

Your flashlight is going to need a battery and this may have you wondering, what is the best 18650 battery for a flashlight? You’ve come to the right place to learn more about what to look for in an 18650 battery to ensure you have the right one for the job.

Battery mAh Capacity

You want to look for a flashlight battery that has enough mAh capacity. What does this mean exactly? Well, mAh means milliamp Hour and is a unit that measures (electric) power over time. In this case, it’s used to measure the energy capacity of a battery.

There are various amounts of mAh for different batteries. Generally speaking, the more mAh it has then the longer the battery capacity or battery life. A higher number means the battery can store more energy. Therefore, it has a higher capacity.

The 18650 PCB 3000mAh Lithium-ion Button-Top Flashlight Batteries, in particular, have 3000mAh, Minimum: 2600 mAh. What this means is that you can count on this battery to have reliable power and powerful energy. You’ll have optimized usage time since it’s so efficient. It’s the ideal battery for LED tactical flashlights and battery-powered professional gear. You require power and enough charging cycles when you’re out and about. The alkaline batteries you see in the stores are old and outdated technology and don’t match the power of lithium-ion batteries.

Button-Top Design

Another feather to look for in a 18650 battery for a flashlight is the button-top design. Some of these types of batteries have different appearances, especially if you look at the end of the cell. There is a physical appearance in the top part or the end of the battery. Some 18650 batteries have flat tops, while the rest come with button tops. It’s definitely a button top if the end looks like a button.

Cells that have button tops are batteries usually sold to consumers in-store or online. Button-top batteries are batteries used by and for consumer users, or for electronic goods such as flashlights that do not come with batteries. The buttons are attached separately from the batteries in this particular battery design. Note that button-top batteries cannot be used for all devices but is the perfect choice for a flashlight. When deciding between flat-top or button-top design, it’s wise to check the device to see which battery fits best.

PCB Protection

You also want to make sure that the battery you’re considering for your flashlight has PCB protection. What this means is that the 18650 PCB batteries are protected with a small built-in electronic circuit that prevents overcharging and over-discharging. The circuit protects the battery against common dangers, such as short circuit/over-current, and temperature as well.

Another key feature and benefit of the 18650 battery is that it has internal PCB protection that prevents under-voltage at 2.5V and over-voltage at 4.25V. You can expect the PCB to reset automatically or when placed in a charger. What this all means is that PCB-protected batteries are safer to use in your devices and flashlights. They’ll most likely include the following components:

  • PTC: Will protect against overheating and indirectly over current.  It’ll also automatically reset.
  • CID or Pressure Valve: Will disable the cell permanently if the pressure is too high in the cell (can be caused by an overcharge).
  • PCB: Depending upon the design, it’ll protect against over-discharge, overcharge, and over current. The PCB will reset automatically or when placed in a charger.

Unprotected batteries do not have this electronic circuit in the cell packaging and they may be a cause for danger since they may overheat, short-circuit, or over-discharge. Most battery specialists will recommend that you always use protected batteries, especially in a flashlight.

Rechargeable & Multiple Uses

When considering what is the best 18650 battery for a flashlight then you also want to make sure it’s rechargeable. This particular feature allows you to recharge your battery when the energy is done. This way you only have to buy what’s needed for your flashlight and can reuse them. It’ll be nice to be able to recharge it as you please or when you’re on the go so you’re always prepared.

best 18650 battery

The rechargeable aspect of it makes the battery ideal for you if you need to use power routinely without wanting to purchase new batteries all the time. The 18560 PCB 3000mAh Lithium-ion Button-Top Flashlight Battery contains Lithium Ion 18650 cylindrical rechargeable batteries. Another benefit of this particular battery is that it has a higher energy density and lower weight than many other rechargeable 18650 lithium flashlight batteries on the market. It’s not only rechargeable but can be used for more than just LED flashlights. Below are a few more uses, to name a few.

  • Video doorbells
  • Camping lanterns
  • Indoor fans
  • Portable radios
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Work lights
  • Motion lights
  • Cordless power tools
  • Solar yard lights and many other low drain devices


It should now be clear what the best 18650 battery for a flashlight is and all the benefits of buying and using one. This high-powered 18650 lithium flashlight battery offers a remarkable 3000mAh of reliable power and will be more than suitable for your hiking and backpacking adventures. It’s considered the best available because it provides dramatically increased longevity, low self-discharge, efficiency, and optimized usage time, to name a few reasons. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your battery is PCB protected and will keep you safe and the area around you well-lit for long periods. The features and benefits this battery has to offer are undeniable and it’s why it’s the number one choice when it comes to finding the right battery for your flashlight and outdoor activities and adventures.