You Need A Disorienting Strobe Flashlight

Why You Might Need A Disorienting Strobe Flashlight

Do you like to run, in the early morning or after sunset in the cool evenings? If so, then you should take some protection with you. A disorienting strobe flashlight is a great tool to have with you for protection when you might feel unsafe. Unlike a handgun which is more likely to cause you trouble than it is to keep you safe, a disorienting strobe flashlight will provide protection by disabling any unsavory characters without causing permanent injury. The flashing strobe light is bright enough that will give anyone with eyes pause, giving you plenty of time to move away from the situation and get to safety.

How A Disorienting Strobe Flashlight Works

CREE Zoomable LED FlashlightA disorienting strobe flashlight can cause dizziness and confusion in anyone exposed to the bright, flashing light. These results have been scientifically studied and confirmed since the effect was first discovered in the 1950’s. The effect is pronounced in some people than in others, but in all cases the bright, flashing strobe light always causes them to pause, make a defensive move to protect their eyes, or fear for their own safety for at least several seconds. Those several seconds can make all the difference when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. The effects of a disorienting strobe flashlight are only temporary, so if you accidentally shine at an innocent person they will be unharmed once the initial shock wears off.

Regular Flashlights Can’t Compete

Even the brightest flashlight is only good at simply illuminating a place in the shadows. A disorienting strobe flashlight provides provide light in a flashing, pulsing, series intentionally designed to incapacitate a suspect long enough for you to take a defensive posture or completely get away from the situation. In a dangerous situation every second counts, and the designers of a disorienting strobe flashlight know this. They combine maximum brightness of the light with the strobe effect. The constant “on/off” function of the strobe light leaves the suspect temporarily blinded, and unprepared. A bright flashlight in the eyes is something the suspect can protect themselves from by simply looking away, or at least, not directly into the beam. It might work for a second or two, but unlike a disorienting strobe flashlight, the standard flashlight simply cannot compete.

Always Keep A Disorienting Strobe Flashlight Nearby

You Need A Disorienting Strobe FlashlightThere is no reason to worry about being out after dark with a disorienting strobe flashlight in hand. They are easy to carry, lightweight, and built tough. The blinking strobe provides protection when you encounter unknown subjects who might be willing to do you harm. There is no danger of accidentally harming yourself or an innocent person with a disorienting strobe flashlight. The effects of the strobe light will wear off, and will not cause any permanent harm. It will provide you with ample time to assess the situation and determine whether or not you want to fight or flee. Or maybe just say hello to a neighbor who happens to be out walking after dark just as you are.